Test Standards and Test Methods

Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd can offer advice and technical support for the development of new standards and methods and the revision of pre-existing ones. Since operating as Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd, Phil has developed a complete test protocol for both blast and ballistic effects upon a specific item of personal armour.

During his career, Phil has participated in Revision Committees for the recent versions of STANAG 2920 as a representative of UK MoD. Phil collated the 2014 re-write of Def Stan 95-22 and the corresponding parts of Def Stan 08-42. Since then he has also facilitated the review and rewrite of Def Stans 08-42, 95-13, 95-18, 95-19, 95-24, 95-25, 95-31, 95-33 and any associated ballistic tables.

Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd supported the translation of a number of VPAM test standards into appropriate English.

Phil also sat on the NATO HFM-089 Group, which was focussed on the development of a test protocol for de-miners. This test protocol considered the aspects of upper body injury for de-miners in the kneeling position as well as lower limb injury for those stepping on an anti-personnel blast mine.

Phil Gotts Consulting has significant  experience in the complex area of blast and ballistic testing of EOD/Search/De-Mining suits. This area is  made more complicated by the lack of available standards, since NIJ-0117.00 does not include all the aspects required for a complete test. PGC has compiled and managed full blast and ballistic test programmes for EOD Suits.

Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd was on the steering committee for both the 2015 and the 2018 versions of PAS 300.