Services – Test Standards and Test Methods

Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd can offer advice and technical support for the development of new standards and methods and the revision of pre-existing ones. Since operating as Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd, Phil has developed a complete test protocol for both blast and ballistic effects upon a specific item of personal armour.

During his career, Phil has participated in Revision Committees for the recent versions of STANAG 2920 as a representative of UK MoD. Phil collated the 2014 re-write of DefStan 95-22 and the corresponding parts of DefStan 08-42.

Phil supported the translation of a number of VPAM test standards into appropriate English.

Phil also sat on the NATO HFM-089 Group, which was focussed on the development of a test protocol for de-miners. This test protocol considered the aspects of upper body injury for de-miners in the kneeling position as well as lower limb injury for those stepping on an anti-personnel blast mine.

Phil Gotts Consulting has significant  experience in the complex area of blast and ballistic testing of EOD/Search/De-Mining suits. This area is  made more complicated by the lack of available standards, since NIJ-0117.00 does not include all the aspects required for a complete test. PGC has compiled and managed full blast and ballistic test programmes for EOD Suits.