Phil Gotts began his career in the technical aspects of light-weight armour systems in 1992. At that time he joined a small team of subject matter experts in research and development of personal armour systems based at SCRDE (Stores and Clothing Research and Development Establishment). SCRDE was part of UK MoD, in Colchester. Phil progressed through a variety of inter-related technical areas, to become team leader in 2000. The organisation was subsequently relocated to Bicester in 2001, under the new title of DC R&PS (Defence Clothing Research and Project Support), where Phil continued to lead his team until the MoD closed the establishment in 2006.

During his 13 years in MoD, Phil developed expertise in many aspects of personal armour. These included threat evaluation (ballistics and blast); test methods and standards; textile, composite and ceramic materials; product development and project management.

With the closure of DC R&PS, Phil chose to continue to work in light-weight armour, leaving UK MoD to join Ordnance Test Solutions Ltd (OTS) as Armour Programme Manager. During his 6½ years at OTS, Phil managed many armour-related programmes including those involving personal, vehicle and structural armour. He also fulfilled the role of Quality Manager and Business Development Manager for the company.

In September 2012, Phil started Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd, to provide support to the users, testers and manufacturers of light-weight armour systems.

Within the past few years, Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd has also supported the terminal and wound ballistics evaluations of police ammunition assessment.