Papers and Presentations

Phil Gotts has been producing papers and presentations relating to aspects of light-weight armour systems since 1994. These have covered aspects of materials, research and development programmes, casualty reduction analysis, threat evaluation and testing.

Since setting up Phil Gotts Consulting Ltd, Phil has presented the following papers:

  • PASS 2012 (Personal Armour Systems Symposium), Nuremberg, September 2012 – ‘Blast and Ballistic Testing of EOD Suits’
  • Future Land Forces 2012, Amsterdam, October 2012 – ‘Personal Armour – What difference does testing make?’ 
  • IMechE Force Protection Seminar, Bristol, November 2012 – ‘Assessment of Ballistic and Blast Threats versus Military Vehicle Armour’ (presented on behalf of OTS)
  • Counter Terror Expo 13, London, April 2013 – ‘Personal Armour Testing – How Hard Can It Be?’
  • 2nd Wound Ballistics Symposium, Shrivenham, August 2013 – ‘Lethality – We all know what that means, don’t we?’
  • LWAG 2013, Brussels, October 2013 – ‘Development of a De-mining Suit Test Protocol’
  • Dstl Armour Appreciation Course, Bovington, January 2014 – ‘Test and Evaluation of Military Armour Systems’
  • PASS 2014, Cambridge, September 2014 – ‘Past PASS Parts, Part 2’
  • PASS 2014, Cambridge, September 2014 – ‘Personal Armour Test Standards – Development and Use’
  • LWAG 2014, Ryn, Poland, September 2014 – ‘Personal Armour Testing versus Small Arms Ammunition when the Test Standard Doesn’t Fit’
  • Sioen Police Open Days, Ardooie, Belgium, October 2014 – ‘When the Test Standard Doesn’t Meet the Requirement’
  • PASS 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – ‘Methods for the Assessment of the Ballistic Properties of Ceramic Materials and Ceramic-Faced Armour Systems’
  • PASS 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – ‘What is required of a personal armour test facility?’
  • PASS 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark – ‘Small Arms Ammunition and Personal Armour – Standards versus the Real World’
  • PASS 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark – ‘The Development of the Chisel-Nosed Fragment Simulating Projectiles for Personal Armour Testing’

Phil has been involved in the Personal Armour Systems Symposium (PASS) since 1994. He was one of the organisers for the events held in 1994, 96, 98, 2000, 2006 and 2014, and has presented at least one paper at all but one symposium from 1996 to 2020. PGC supported Seebold with the organisation of PASS 2014.